Our property auctions are based all over in the UK

Selling your house via auction gives you a guaranteed process and a way of getting the best possible price for your property in an open and transparent way.

We are auction house sale specialists and run our property auctions scotland and property auctions london , and we are very experienced in helping people looking to sell and who may be buying property at auction and we will work with you to buy your house immediately.

It doesn’t make any difference if you’re a homeowner wanting to sell or a corporate customer, Auction Property Scotland believe in the need for individual and quality service.

Extensive marketing

Local Property Investors are kept advised, as well as Developers and local contractors, who might have an interest in unique properties. We offer the complete service that is packed, according to our experience of each scenario that is potential.

Typical 90% sales speed
Our Auctions really are a successful property auction business with the average sale speed which is preserved for the last two years – a great accomplishment when you remember the national average is 76%.

If you want to have assessment, that we offer free, and are considering entering your home within an auction, please contact our professional Auctions team today.

You can not lose
There’s little to worry, when selling your home by auction, but much to increase. The reservation that is fixed will ensure you don’t lose out. Property isn’t sold subject to stumbling blocks including contracts or finance arrangements, and 10% has to be paid following the deal, thereby ensuring the deposit.

There are contracted prices, which amounts to about 2.5%. Should in addition, you contain phone bids and Proxy bidders, from individuals ready to get, your likelihood of an effective sale are multiplied. Additionally, there is an online auction service, in the event you would like setting starting prices and your personal reserve.

It’s growing

The amounts from regional and Auction Property data show folks are using auctions more and much more sell and to buy property, especially in the areas outside the South East.

Big business that looks following the person

Our Auctions encompass over 34 regional auctioneers and possess a strong standing. They’ve an effective track record that even had raised GBP54 million. This can be achieved up to date understanding of the markets, common trust, by attention to detail along with a vast set of repeat customers. Every seller is provided a committed member of staff, who may be reached even from office hours.


Don’t worry, your free valuation is private and confidential and we will never share your email.